Today, I went to Starbucks  to do my business in Nakano. I always do my business in coffee shops. The starbucks is great place to do my business because it offers free Wifi and I can charge my laptop. In evening I want to a Japanese restaurant to take a dinner.

Shopping in Shinjuku

I want to Shinjuku for shopping.  Whenever I go shopping, I go to LUMINE in Shinjuku. During shopping, my friend call me and he said let’s take a dinner together. so I took a dinner with him after shopping. We went to a restaurant which offered good Washoku, Japanese food.

Haneda Airport

In kanto area there are two big airports, one is Haneda airport another is Narita airport. I love to see air plane. so I went to Haneda airport today. Of course, i did not take any airplanes because I went there to just see many air planes. The Haneda is nearby the center of Tokyo.

Shibuya Hikarie

I went to Shibuya again today. In this time I went to Shibuya Hikarie. This was my first time to see and go to Hikarie.  The building is awesome! Inside of the building, there are many shops. I enjoyed shopping there. I also enjoyed drinking and eating in the Japanese-Style bar. I love it!


Tokyo tower

I went to Tokyo Tower with friend today. Before I went there, I went to Zozenji Temple. I love Japanese Temple so much so i was very excited to see it. When i was at Tokyo Tower, I bought a ticket and ride on an elevator. I heard we could go up by stairs. but I thought we prefer an elevator to stairs. The view from Tokyo Tower was so great.


The Skytree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower in Tokyo. I went there today but i did not go up the tower, instead of it, i enjoyed shopping in Soramachi which is  a shopping facility. I also went to Sumida  aquarium . If I go there again, I want to go up the tower.


A Cat Cafe

Today i went to a cat cafe in Tokyo. That was my first time to go to cat cafe. We can drink a cup of coffee watching and playing with some cats. I love cats so i was very happy to spend good time there.  I heard there are many other cat cafes in Tokyo, os i want to go all cat cafes in the future. I am looking forward to  it.


Harajuku is near to Shibuya. When i was in Harajuku, there were many people and i think most people were the young. I heard Harajuku is a place where many young people gather. The most impressive thing is Takeshita Street. there are many and various kind of shops along the street.

Tokyo Station

I think most people who came to Tokyo from abroad go to Tokyo Station. Inside the station, there are so many people who will change the trains because Tokyo Station has many lines. and Outside of the station, you can look at so beautiful buildings one of which is Tokyo station.


I went to Asakusa today because my friend have told me that if i want to know Japan,  i should go to Asakusa. i thought my friend was right.  What most impressive thing was Kaminarimon.  After I went through the gate, there were shop street.  From Askusa,  I could see Skytree!

I am just writing a blog about Tokyo